When you have a team that naturally delivers top-notched results to your customers, you know you have a great company.  

Acclario IT Pty Ltd was established in 2015 following the successful merger between Process Performance Pty Ltd and Acclario Pty Ltd, owned by Dr Peter Birbeck and Dr Kenneth Wang respectively. 

Both Kenneth and Peter are PhD graduates of Queensland University of Technology, studying and undertaking their PhD's at the same time during the mid 2000's. It was whilst at QUT that Peter and Kenneth developed a strong bond and recognised that they both shared the same aspiration of applying their expertise to bring maximum value and benefit to Australian organisations. Kenneth and Peter then took their research to market to apply their expertise in a commercial setting and formed two companies, Process Performance Pty Ltd and Acclario Pty Ltd.


The History of Process Performance

Process Performance was established in 2008 by Dr Peter Birbeck to provide business process management and Enterprise Architecture services. Process Performance became a leader in BPM and process improvement throughout Queensland and New South Wales, undertaking complex process improvement, process redesign and enterprise architecture projects for Government, Mining, not for profit and Health sectors.  

The History of Acclario

Acclario was established in 2010 by Dr Kenneth Wang to provide IT development and consulting services, business process management and web development services. Acclario has developed many mobile and web development solutions, for example in 2011 Acclario  developed a web solution for Volunteering Queensland that allowed for the recruitment of 120,000 volunteers to aid in the flood cleanup.  


The merger of two great companies

Acclario and Process Performance have collaborated on many projects across a range of industries, offering unique solutions to customers throughout Australia. For example in 2012 Acclario and Process Performance collaborated on a BPM project that resulted in $3 million worth of savings for the customer. In 2013 Acclario and Process Performance collaborated on a BI project for a major regional bank that resulted in savings of over $12 million. 

Following periods of significant growth, in 2015 Process Performance and Acclario recognised the synergies between the organisations and the benefits they could provide to their customers by combining to provide these services under the one organisation, Acclario IT Pty Ltd.


To the Future 

We now have clients throughout Australia, operating in all states. In addition we are expanding overseas and have customers in Europe, Asia and the US.


Sales and Corporate Accounts

Dr Peter Birbeck
Account Director